Friday, December 29, 2017

How Cats See The World Compared To Humans

Have you ever thought about seeing the world through your cat's eyes? Judging by the cat people I know, you probably have. So since you've been wondering just how your feline friend sees the world, photographer Nickolay Lamm is here to show you what you see compared to what Fluffy sees. 

Through consultations with veterinarians and ophthalmologists, Lamm has a pretty good idea of what cat vision looks like. For starters, cats have a broader visual field than us, and have a visual acuity between 20/100 to 20/200. So what a normal human can see clearly at 100-200 feet, a cat could only see from 20 feet. And as expected, cats see colors differently than we do, so they're bound to see everything differently than we do.

Take a look and see just how differently cats view the world:

The photos on top are what humans see, and a cat's view is on the bottom

Notice those black bars on the top? That's because a cat's visual field is 20 degrees wider than ours

Cats have much better night vision than we do

They can actually see up to eight times better than we do in the dark

But they need to be a lot closer to see things

And a lot of the colors are lost on them

Really, they're missing out on some great views

While cats might not have the best vision at all times, what about other animals?

Check out how other animals see compared to humans:

Lamm consulted with Kerry L. Ketring, DVM, DACVO of All Animal Eye Clinic, Dr. DJ Haeussler of The Animal Eye Institute, and the Ophthalmology group at PennVet.

Source: Nickolay Lamm

Collage source: Nickolay Lamm | Twitter


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