Monday, December 4, 2017

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is All Grown Up

It's easy to forget now, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas was a big deal — a huge deal — back in the mid '90s. After a couple of minor television roles in the early '90s, JTT was cast as Randy in Home Improvement in 1991. That's when he really took off. Let's take a look at this former child star, then and now.

Here's nine-year-old JTT in his first role.

He was cast in The Bradys, a spinoff of The Brady Bunch. The show was a flop, and was cancelled after just six episodes.

His next stint was on In Living Color.

JTT appeared in three episodes of the sketch comedy series, including one skit that parodied fellow child star Macauley Culkin. The show also made stars of the Wayans brothers and Jim Carrey.

In 1991, JTT was cast in Home Improvement.

The sitcom starred Tim Allen, a popular comedian. But no one could anticipate what a smash hit the series would become.

The show ran for eight seasons.

It was one of the most popular TV shows of the decade, and JTT was arguably its breakout star. It helped launch his status as a teen idol, as well as land him roles in some other '90s hits.

JTT also provided the voice for young Simba in The Lion King.

Home Improvement and JTT were both hot commodities in the mid '90s, so Disney scooped up the young star for their animated epic.

He also appeared in live action roles.

With fellow teen idol Devon Sawa, he starred in 1997's Wild America.

The next year, he landed the starring role in I'll Be Home For Christmas.

The film also featured a young Jessica Biel.

At the height of his fame, JTT decided to take a break.

In 1998, the 17-year-old left Home Improvement to focus on school. It marked the end of JTT's teen idol years — but not the end of his acting career.

After a few years off, JTT returned to his acting roots.

He took on small roles in Smallville, 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter and Veronica Mars in the early 2000s. 

During his hiatus from acting, JTT focused heavily on academics.

He spent time at Harvard, studied abroad in Scotland, and graduated from Columbia's School of General Studies in 2010.

It's clear that JTT has no interest in becoming a full-time actor again.

His only role in the last decade was a stint on Last Man Standing, an ABC sitcom starring his old Home Improvementco-star, Tim Allen.

Now in his mid-30s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas seems happiest out of the spotlight.

He told People in 2013 that the grind of being a full-time actor at such a young age wore him down, and that he has no regrets about walking away from fame.


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