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Meth And Heroin Addict Looks Stunning After Being Clean For Years

It is no secret that drug use has brought the United States to its knees. Every day, someone is introduced to illicit substances that can end their lives in a moments notice. In the midst of this harrowing epidemic, stories of recovery do exist. These are the stories that may motivate those caught in the grips of addiction to seek recovery one day. 

Dejah Hall fell into the trap of drug addiction at the age of 17 years old, which continued well into her twenties. Her dependency on meth, heroin, and cocaine eventually took its toll and she ended up giving recovery a shot. Her transformation after being clean for four years is unbelievable...

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The meth epidemic in the United States is in full throttle and countless lives are being ravaged by it every day. 

Policymakers have marked substance dependency as one of the biggest health burdens currently in the United States. 

26-year-old Arizonan Dejah Hall is one such soul who became tangled in a web of addiction. Here she is pictured in a 2012 mugshot.

"I was terrified when I was arrested. A part of me wanted to quit but the addict part of me was like 'I'm not done yet, this is all happening way too fast,'" said Dejah in an interview. Her battle with addiction began much earlier when she was 17 years old after becoming hooked on pain medication.

She had become addicted to meth, heroin, and cocaine. Dejah hated who she had become under the influence. 

"I was a bad heroin addict but I thought I was sexy and gorgeous and looking at them, especially the bottom one I can only see a broken person who has given up," she said. 

After years and years of addiction, as well as impactful conversations with friends and family, Dejah knew it was time to seek recovery.

She had decided to push this poison out of her life for good...

After four years of being clean, here she is today!

Her recovery from addiction has been remarkable, to say the least. 

Dejah made an emotional Facebook post describing the extent of her transformation.

This post, made on the Sobriety Birthdays Facebook page, has exceeded 78,000 likes and 34,000 shares. Now that has to feel pretty good!

In an interview with ABC 15, Dejah Hall described the moment she decided it was time to get clean. Her path to sobriety began with a meeting with her grandfather, who described in bleak terms what her life of addiction was doing to him.

“My grandfather was sitting in his wheelchair and he looked at me he said, 'You're hurting me Dejah,'” she explained. 

Dejah is obviously spending her days in more healthy ways.

"I was just disgusted with the person I was and I broke down. I prayed and told God 'look I don't know if you're real but I really need you to save me right now,'" Dejah said. 

Dejah has had an incredible recovery and is now fully devoted to raising her daughter. 

She explained that, "Now I have accepted Jesus into my life and I have a beautiful and amazing little girl who is everything to me."

Look at that smile!

She looks stunning!

You can clearly see that she is in a much different place psychologically than several years before. 

Here she is on the beach with her daughter!

She also posted a picture with the man who she thinks helped her on her road to recovery...

Here is a picture of Dejah with the man who made such a big impression on her in her darkest hour: her grandfather.

She posted this image to honor his memory. 

I think Dejah deserves a long slow clap from everyone, really. 

The video below documents her story in more detail. 

This story is similar to one posted by Imgur user LostWingnut who was also able to overcome a severe meth addiction. 

You can read the Diply article here. Recovery is difficult but it is possible! 

Here is the full report from ABC 15 on Dejah's incredible story.

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