Wednesday, December 13, 2017

People Are Bashing Nordstrom For Their Seriously Lacking Plus-Size Dress Selection

If you've ever shopped at Nordstrom, you might have noticed that their plus-size collection is seriously lacking compared to the rest of their clothing selection.

Well, women are taking notice and finally speaking out about it, and it's about time.

It's not uncommon for stores to have few to no options for plus-size women.

But when it comes to department stores, they shouldn't be falling flat. If you're going to offer a plus-size option, do it right. 

Nordstrom is letting women down with their pitiful selection of plus-size dresses.

One Twitter user called them out and shared a picture of the pathetic options available. 

Nordstrom replied to the tweet, apologizing for the poor selection.

They also confirmed that the store manager was made aware of the situation, but that wasn't enough for Twitter.

A lot of people spoke out about the sizing options, and they agreed that it was pretty grim.

Being plus-size doesn't mean you should be exempt from having a variety of stylish options. Let's step up the game here, Nordstrom. 

Have you encountered this issue with Nordstrom or any other department stores before?

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