Friday, December 8, 2017

Pregnant Dog Gets Stuck Under Shed And Can't Stop Kissing Her Rescuer

Meet Pumpkin, named by the staff at the Hawkins County Humane Society for her bright orange spots. She's going to be a mom soon, but recently suffered the indignity of getting herself stuck under a shed in the shelter's yard. 

It was a normal morning when the staff let the dogs outside to play and do their business in the fenced yard. But when it was time for everyone to come back inside, Pumpkin was nowhere to be found. 

Look at that face! D'aww!

When they found her, she was trapped on her side under the shed and her chubby pregnancy belly prevented the staff from pulling her out. So they called the volunteer handyman, Joey Arnold, to help get her out. 

See that face? That is a face that says, "Stop taking pictures of my embarrassment and get me out of here."

After first trying to dig her out, Arnold ultimately decided that it would be easier on Pumpkin to just lift the shed off of her. Wedging a jack under the base, he raised the whole structure until she was able to crawl out on her own. 

He also repaired the shed so that animals couldn't go under it again. 

Though she paused long enough to acknowledge the other shelter staff, Pumpkin's focus was on thanking Arnold for saving her, hugging and kissing him in her excitement.

Pumpkin's pregnancy was a surprise to the staff, who took in the lost dog after she was found about a month ago. She's up for adoption, and the shelter is ready to find homes for her puppies once they are weaned. 

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h/t Kingsport Times


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