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Real People Tell Their Stories About 12 Celebrity Jerks

It's often said that you should never meet your heroes. Often they won't live up to what you believe about them. Nothing makes this more clear than these stories as told by reddit users meeting these celebrities. They may smile for the camera, but these celebs don't keep smiling when the camera turns off.

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1. Justin Bieber

"I lived in the same town as Justin Bieber (Stratford, Ontario). There are only 30,000 people in the town and I'm only a year younger than him so we had a ton of mutual friends, played basketball together and I frequently saw him at social gatherings. He was possibly the most arrogant little s**t I've ever met, he would brutally make fun of people, disrespect adults for no reason and one of my best friends told me that at a hockey game he pissed in some peoples cups for no reason."

2. Demi Lovato

"I saw Demi Lovato in a smoothie shop with my 9-year-old cousin, who's a big fan. We went up to her and my cousin asked for an autograph. She was texting, looked up, and with the most scathing look said, "Can't you see I'm f**king busy?" My cousin was crushed and almost cried when we left."

3. Jared Leto

"I can vouch for this. I was a sound technician at a show he was playing. I had some things I needed to ask him, but he was backstage tuning his guitar. I kept my distance and was waiting for him to be done when he looked up at me with the most hateful look I've ever received and said "Can I f**king help you?" I said I was a tech and needed some info. He told me to f**k off. Great guy."

4. Ariana Grande

"Friend of friend works in a high position at a casino she's performed at. Says she a diva of epic proportions. Actually demanded to be carried on and off stage because she was so tired."

5. Selena Gomez

"She came to town for a show and autograph signing maybe 4 or 5 years ago and I was working at the mall she was doing autographs at as what I can only describe as 'her little b***h.' Apparently, Selena Gomez accepts nothing less than ice cold Dasani water. 'I want Dasani where the F**K is my f**king Dasani' were the exact words out of her mouth to me."

6. Kylie Jenner

"Friend of a friend is a PR rep and she said that she's the biggest Diva in Hollywood today. Has absurd requests for herself and her friends and is just a general pain to deal with."

7. Britney Spears

"Britney Spears. This was right when her second album came out. I was working at Applebee's in Hammond which isn't too far from her hometown of Kentwood. Her, her mom, and bodyguard come in and ended up in my section. Britney asked for a mudslide and I had to tell her no. She asked if I knew who she was and I told I knew exactly who she was and everyone else in the restaurant knows she's not 21. If she was some random college hottie looking for a drink that would be different but she's known. They left $2 on an $80 bill."

8. Madonna

"A friend of mine worked for a fancy hotel near a major concern venue ... when Madonna was coming to town they had to repaint the entire floor she would be staying on for two days or she threatened to cancel the concert and blame the hotel. Apparently their paint color choice had bad juju or some s**t."

9. Kanye West

"I work for an airline and a fellow employee of mine welcomed Kanye West and asked if she could help him. He said I don't talk to commoners."

10. Jennifer Lopez

"I used to do home remodeling and a coworker had recently worked in LA. She hired them to make a deck and told the foreman that, 'None of your people can look me in the eye. If they do, you're all fired.' Foreman took his crew and left. F**k her."

11. James Franco

"He did a book signing at a store my friend worked at. He arrived late and demanded that everyone eating lunch in the break room relocate immediately because he wanted the room. There was nowhere else to go, so the staff on lunch had to go sit on the floor in the hallway and eat. He also reported one employee to management for making eye contact with him and insisted she be disciplined."

12. Michael Jordan

"I have a waiter friend who took care of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley once. Apparently MJ told him that the privilege of waiting on them was his tip. Barkley slipped him a hundred on the way out and apologized."

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