Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Single Mom Saved When Professor Watched Her Kids While She Took An Exam

As a parent, I know firsthand how incredible a reliable babysitter is to your health and well-being. Sometimes, getting a babysitter isn't about being able to go out and have fun. If a single parent has an important errand to attend to, a babysitter can be a crucial person in your life. This is the case for Monica Willard, a single mother who is going to college while raising her two children. A recent photo is going viral after a professor stepped in to help Monica when her babysitter bailed at the last second before a big exam.

This story will truly warm your heart...

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When ROTC student Monica Willard booked a babysitter the day of her big military history exam, she never expected at the last second that the babysitter would bail. 

What was she going to do? She had no one else to turn to for babysitting. 

Here is Monica with her four- and five-year-old children.

She was forced to bring them to the exam that day. 

When she got to the exam, she set up her daughter and son with a laptop to share and watch videos on. It wasn't long after the exam started that the children started to fight over the laptop. 

Just imagine having to concentrate on an exam while you hear your children begin to argue out in the hallway. Monica thought that she was going to be asked to leave. 

That's when her professor, Daniel Krebs, stepped in to help. 

Getting ready to be inspired, ya'll...

Monica's professor went out into the hallway and began playing with the kids so they would calm down and their mother could finish her exam. 

This is the photo a student took of the bunch as they had a great time. In the student's Facebook post, she wrote, "Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight."

Here are Monica's professor and her son playing a dance game on the laptop. 

Too cute. 

Is that not the nicest thing ever?!

Monica said that she could "hear them laughing and giggling and telling little jokes, they were having fun." 

Of course, both Monica and her children are very thankful for this incredibly kind gesture. 

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