Monday, December 18, 2017

These 'Harry Potter' Wedding Shoe Decals Will Make You Look As Magical As You Feel

If you're a massive Potterhead who would love to live a life surrounded by all things Harry Potter, but the Muggles keep getting you down, then you will fall head over heels (literally!) in love with these wedding shoe decals. 

Etsy shop SimplyUniqueUk has the perfect subtle touch for your special day with these magically magnificent vinyl stickers.

The decals include the heartbreaking question asked by Dumbledore and Snape's response regarding his everlasting love for Lily. Just try not to cry when you put them on.  

The words are written in Harry Potter-inspired font, along with the Deathly Hallows symbol that those of us in the know recognize, even if your relatives don't. 

Just imagine yourself walking down the aisle, knowing you're wearing a little hint of Harry.  

The stickers can also be personalized with your name and wedding date to make them that much more special. 

If you needed even more personalized merch once the day is over, SimplyUniqueUk also makes matching mugs for you and your spouse to enjoy hot beverages together, forever and always. 

Do you promise to love and honor all things Harry Potter?

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