Thursday, December 7, 2017

This Rescue Cat Doesn't Need Nine Lives- She's Traveled The World In This One

We always hear stories about dogs and their owners who travel all over the country, driving around and exploring. Rarely, though, do we hear about cats who get to do the same thing. Craig Armstrong loves to climb, and when he was looking for a pet, he wanted a cat who could join him on his adventures. When Millie jumped up on his shoulders at the shelter, he knew she was the right one. It took some training to keep her close, but she got the hang of it, and now she travels all over! 

She climbs through the desert. 

No mountain is too high for this girl. 

Millie loves a good view. 

And she makes a fabulous co-pilot.

She practices her skills. 

Millie likes to lead the way. 

Millie is all about going on wards and upwards.

Not even snow can stop this girl. 


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