Monday, December 18, 2017

This Rescued Goat Has An Adorable Crush On The UPS Man

Valentine's Day may have passed by for the year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a story about love. Okay, I may be overselling it, but how cute is this goat's crush on the UPS man? Sometimes animals just choose their human — and it's not always one of the people they live with. 

Pearl is an 18-year-old goat that lives at The Gentle Barn in Tennessee, who has a crush on the UPS man. Whenever the truck arrives, she'll hurry over from wherever she is and wait impatiently for him to climb out.

If she thinks he's being too slow, she'll sometimes climb in to get him!

Apparently, Pearl is quite the character, roaming freely throughout the 12-acre facility and even stealing greens from the kitchen.

A volunteer named Stephanie told that Pearl "is always getting into some kind of trouble."

The affection is mutual, with the UPS man always bringing her peanut butter treats and giving her lots of love. 

He's told the sanctuary that his day always gets better when he sees Pearl.

Like they say on their Facebook story about Pearl: "Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places!"

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