Sunday, December 10, 2017

This Two Part Riddle Forces You To Think Outside Of The Box

It's time to test out your brain power again. Are you ready for a two-part riddle? The thing about this riddle is that the answers are related to one another, but it's not immediately clear how they are related. 

Get your hot cup of coffee ready and your game face on because we're going to jump right into it. 

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Here is riddle part 1: What breaks, but doesn't fall?

So the answer has to be something that breaks but doesn't fall. That rules out a lot of normal objects.

Is the meaning of break figurative, though?

Okay, the riddle answer is something that doesn't physically break, but "breaks" in other ways, what could it be?

Before we give you the answer to the first part of the riddle, let's look at part 2. 

Here it is: What falls but doesn't break?

Last time I checked, most things that fall also break, so what the hell??

Well, some things are physically strong enough to fall and not break I guess....

If we take a hint from the first part, "fall" may not be literal at all.

I guess things can "fall" from grace or someone can "fall" from great heights. Temperature can even fall without breaking....

The answers are below, but you can figure it out on your own, right??

So we have part 1 where the answer can be something that breaks but can't fall and part 2 where the answer can be something that falls but that can't break. Have you caught on yet??

Here are the answers.

Part 1: Something that breaks but doesn't fall is DAY
Part 2: Something that falls but doesn't break is NIGHT

Yes, tricky, very tricky :) 

Did you get it??

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