Sunday, December 10, 2017

Why Ozzy Osbourne's Other Daughter Refused To Be On 'The Osbournes'

Everybody knew Ozzy Osbourne because he was the lead singer of Black Sabboth and also because he bit off the head of a bat on stage that one time. But he really became famous when he let MTV film a reality TV show about him, his family and all about his domestic life! I used to watch The Osbournesall the time. I LIVED for their drama and every weird thing the family would get up to. Remember when a dog therapist visited the house?! But by far, the weirdest part about the show was the blurred out figure lurking around the house. It was Aimee, the eldest daughter. And she's revealed why she was never on the show and why she's no longer close to the family!

Everybody thinks the Kardashians were the first family to rule reality TV but they weren't! It was all about the Osbournes! 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has NOTHING on The Osbournes.This family was actually crazy and out of control all the time!

Remember when they pranked Sharon by telling her that her dog had died? 

Real talk: that's the worst prank in the entire world. I felt so bad for Sharon!

Even though Kelly and Jack were the focus on the show as the kids, there was another Osbourne named Aimee! And now she's telling everyone why she was never on the show and what happened between her and her family.

It turns out that Kelly and Jack have an older sister named Aimee! 

She's actually managed to hide from the spotlight all these years. And that's pretty damn impressive when you think about it!

When MTV came to the family to discuss a potential reality TV show, Aimee was the only one against it. And when the show started filming, she refused to be on it and even chose to move out of the house! 

She moved out, quit school, started therapy and picked up odd jobs to make money. 

She said she didn't want to be on camera because she was trying to figure out who she was in a super famous family. 

She said she knew that MTV wouldn't be able to portray her the way that she wanted. She wanted to protect herself, her family and her image. 

You can actually sometimes see her on the show but she's blurred out in the shots. 

She even lashed out and went to the media to trash the show. She said she always felt like she had to be the responsible one in the family since everyone else was so wild and out of control. 

She said she disapproved of all the antics on the show and was embarrassed by what her family did for the cameras!

Aimee is on speaking terms with her parents and is trying to help them work through their problems during their separation. But she is no longer talking to Jack and Kelly!

She said they drifted apart after she moved out and could never relate to them.

Let's hope she manages to fix things with Jack and Kelly. But she might be too busy now that she's a recording artist! She releases music under the name, ARO. 

COMMENTand tell us your favorite moment from The Osbournes!

Mine is and forever will be Ozzy just yelling out, "SHAAARRRROOOOOOONNNNNN!"


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