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12 Cool 'Zootopia' Facts For All The Adults In The Theatre


So the reviews are in and Disney's new film Zootopiais pretty awesome.

It's already breaking records, making critics feel all warm and fuzzy – and viewers love its message that mixes humor and drama with timely themes about prejudice and stereotypes.

But as funny as it is, there are some things that make you chuckle about that my little brother didn't get. 

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Here's why:

1. The Disney team hired a publicity team to reach out to members of the "furry" community and get them to watch and advertise the movie.

Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphic creatures, whether dressing up as them or looking at pictures. Including being sexually attracted to them.

2. Kristen Bell got her cameo from Ellen.

After seeing her cry seeing a real Sloth on Ellen, the creative team at Disney enlisted her to voice the slow-talking sloth Priscilla, who works at the DMV.

3. There's a scene where Duke Weaselton is selling pirated copies of "Pig Hero 6" (Big Hero 6), "Wreck-It Rhino" (Wreck-It Ralph) and "Meowna" (based on Disney's upcoming Moana).

Disney: Pirating is wrong but it happens.

4. There's an animal strip club / sex den in the movie. Wait, what?

Kids will just think it's a crazy party!

Then there was a voice actress who asked for her character to be way more curvier...

5. Nick Wilde's fox design was massively inspired by the titular character of Disney's Robin Hood (1973).

This is the third Disney film where there are talking anthropomorphic animals with no humans, the first being Robin Hood and Chicken Little (2005).

6. They spoofed the most popular movies including the Oscar nominees for Best Picture:

7. There's a scene at night in a lab where the rams who deliver the coffee are named Walter and Jesse...

8.  Shakira asked for her character, Gazelle (inspired by Adele too, eh?) to be curvier

 “She was a little too skinny for me, so I asked them to give her bigger hips. I said, ‘Come on, guys. Give her some meat!’ And they did.” 

There's even a mob movie scene and a national newscaster who voiced the moose parody of himself...

9. Peter Moosebridge in the movie is a real anchorman in Canada named... Peter Mansbridge. 

The producers heard his voice and based the character on him. He said he leapt at the chance to play him: "Why did I want to do it? Well, I didn’t want to do it for me, I wanted to do it really for my kids and grandkids.”

10. There's a overt message about racial inequality and racial discrimination hidden in Officer Judy Hopp's journey to be a cop.

Zootopian society is divided by species, and predator and prey species are segregated from each other. That's why Officer Judy Hopps, a prey animal trying to be a police officer, is off-putting to the predator species cops. And without spoiling anything, a character becomes a target for “racial” profiling – or is it species profiling?

11. Mr. Big's house is a replica of The Godfather's Vito Corleone's compound. 

When you see it, the day is the day of Mr. Big's daughter's wedding — just like the opening of The Godfather.

12. At 126 minutes, it's the second-longest animated feature Disney has ever made (Fantasiais the longest).

Wait.. I'm going to be with a room full of kids for two hours??

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Main and collage images via YouTube / Walt Disney Animation Studios


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