Tuesday, January 9, 2018

12 Weirdest Things People Have Used To Curl Their Hair

So I guess I'm behind on the trends because apparently traditional curling irons are so 2015. Right now, the craze is all about finding new ways to curl hair without using heat and causing damage. The ideas the people on this list have come up with are basically insane, but definitely entertaining. And the craziest part? They actually all work. I absolutely will not be following this bizarre trend, but it's certainly worth looking at. Keep reading for a list of 12 weird and wacky things people have used to curl their hair. 

1. Bananas

Want some soft, loose waves? Why use a curler when you can use... a banana? 

2. Paper Bags 

Ripping up strips of paper bags and fastening them to your hair is apparently a good way to curl it.

3. Sponges

This girl uses sponges to curl her hair, and the end result is actually quite pretty. 

Want to see another quirky way she curls her hair? Keep reading! 

4. Pipe Cleaners 

She uses pipe cleaners for a finished product of tight, ringed curls. 

5. Straws

Using straws is another way to achieve tight, spiral curls. 

6. Baby Wipes 

Click here to see the same girl's bizarre process of using baby wipes as hair curlers. 

7. Tinfoil

And she strikes again. Without a curler? This girl used strips of tinfoil instead. 

8. Pens

This girl skipped the curler by twisting pieces of hair around multiple pens. 

9. Shoelaces 

Weaving your hair in and out of shoelaces is apparently another way to get those coveted curls...

10. Cheetos

This just creeps me right out. I have so many questions. Doesn't she have cheese dust in her hair? Does her hair stink? The scariest part about this is that it actually worked. 

11. Headbands 

Similar to #9, this girl curls her hair by weaving pieces of it through an elastic headband. 

12. Plastic Bags 

This is pretty crazy. She uses plastic bag strips instead of curlers! Click here to see the finished product. 


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