Sunday, January 7, 2018

13 Things Everyone Should Know About Eddie Redmayne

To say that I was devastated when the last Harry Potter movie came out would be an understatement. Harry Potter and its fandom meant everything to me. So when I first heard that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was coming out, I had about a five-minute freak out session. And there's going to be five movies in the series! Eddie Redmayne was already on everybody's radar when he won an Oscar but now the whole world will be buzzing about him when Fantastic Beasts comes out. So I've gathered all the facts from the internet – unfortunately, I couldn't use the Accio spell, but here are the most important things to know about Eddie, the newest wizard we're all going to be in love with.

1. Eddie was classmates with Tom Hiddleston and Prince William at a prestigious boarding school called Eton College. 

Excuse me? Is everyone who goes there just extremely attractive? 

2. Eddie is colorblind! He can't distinguish between colors so his wife helps him to pick out his clothes because of this. 

3. Eddie won an award and was presented it by Kim Cattrall. His parents were so impressed that they said to him, "If Kim Cattrall says you're okay, you're okay." And they've supported his acting career ever since. 

4. He was often embarrassed about his freckles growing up but it actually helped land him a role in Savage Grace. Julianne Moore saw him walk into his audition and knew that he had the perfect look to play her son! 

Side note: the plot to Savage Graceis so scandalous. 

6. He said he discovered he was a celebrity when he fell asleep on a plane and the person sitting next to him asked him if he was important because all the stewardesses were watching Eddie sleep! 

5. Eddie's about to dazzle us on screen to play Newt Scamander but he recently revealed that he was supposed to be in the Harry Potter universe a long time ago! He originally auditioned to play Tom Riddle! 

Um... Eddie as Tom Riddle?! How cool would that have been?!

7. Since he went to an all-boys school, Eddie would have to play the female roles for some plays. He played Viola in Twelfth Night and Conan O'Brien was the one to see the resemblance between Eddie and Jennifer Garner!


8. To land a role in Elizabeth I, Eddie told the director Tom Hooper that he could definitely ride a horse. The thing is, Eddie had never been on one in his life! When it came time to filming the scene, the horse went out of control and Eddie almost killed "about 40 Lithuanian crew members."

Reportedly, Tom grabbed a megaphone and yelled, "You're a liar, Redmayne!" Eddie got sent to horse riding school right after!

Well, good thing it all worked out in the end since Tom and Eddie worked together again on Les Misérables

9. According to J.K. Rowling, Eddie was the first and only choice for Newt! He didn't even have to audition!

10. He's modeled for Burberry before with Cara Delevingne. 


11. When he starred in The Theory of Everythingas Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist mentioned that he saw the movie and said, "At times, I thought it was me." 

That's pretty high praise! He also got praise from his peers when he won the Oscar for his role!

12. Despite being cast in Les Misérables and showing off his killer vocals, Eddie admitted that people always tell him to stop singing when he's at karaoke. And his go-to karaoke song? "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi!

13. Eddie met his wife Hannah Bagshawe when they were 15 years old. When they were much older, Eddie asked Hannah out on a date except he was about to leave for Italy to film his next project! So he asked her to go out with him for a first date in Florence, Italy! And she accepted. 

They're now married and have recently welcomed a daughter. 

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