Wednesday, January 24, 2018

14 Easy Velvet Projects For Your Home

I'm torn on velvet. It can be so classy and luxurious when used properly, but when it isn't, you get horrible velvet tracksuits (shudder).

So I wanted to see if there were ways to bring just a little velvet into my life without risking an eyesore. I even found a couple of larger projects that still look amazing!

1. Accessorize!

A scrap piece of velvet can become a super luxe clutch with only the most basic sewing skills.

2. Give your books some love.

Skip the cardboard bookmarks lining the checkout. Instead, make a beautiful one of your own with velvet ribbon. The vintage baubles on the ends are especially pretty.

3. Velvet ribbon can also save Christmas!

Cheap or scuffed ornaments look like a million bucks when wrapped in a coordinating ribbon.

4. Smell the roses.

Hot glue + velvet ribbon = totally gorgeous faux roses!

I have another velvet flower tutorial on the next page!

5. Decorate with velvet dahlias.

Velvet flowers are a lovely decor idea for fall and winter, as they pair the reminder of summer with the coziness of the cool months.

6. Cover your plain notebooks.

All you need is white glue and carefully folded corners to make notebooks that look like they cost a fortune.

7. Personalize it.

Did you know that you can emboss any design onto velvet with a rubber stamp, a bit of water, and your clothes iron? 

How awesome is that?

I have a way to tie these last two projects together on the next page!

8. Make an embossed velvet guest book for your wedding!

All of your guests will be dying to know where you bought it, and you can bask in their amazement when you say you made it yourself.

9. Tiny jewelry boxes.

There is just something about those vintage velvet boxes. If you can get your hands on one, great! But if not, here's a tutorial for how to make your own, complete with monogram. 

10. Upgrade a table setting

Adding a velvet trim to a basic tablecloth can really increase the wow factor for your next event.

11. Add velvet pieces to your pillows.

Curling up on the couch for a movie has never been cozier. 

On the next page, I have another pillow project that uses velvet ribbon instead.

12. Weave ribbon for a deluxe look!

Oh, I love this so much. 

13. An over-the-top ottoman.

Could you imagine what the price tag for an ottoman like this would be in stores? 

14. Scale up with a tufted headboard.

It's a big project, but worth it for the savings and the results. It's so plush and cozy, it has me longing for a lazy Saturday, a hot drink, and a good book.

15. You can always paint it!

Have a velvet chair or other piece that is lovely, but looking its age? You can modernize it with a fresh coat of paint. Crazy, right? The trick is to dilute chalk paint with an equal part of clear fabric paint and five parts water. Then, once the coats are dry, sand it lightly with a fabric block to bring back the softness. So cool!


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