Sunday, January 14, 2018

14 Hilarious Text Interactions That Are Completely Random

Have you ever just gotten an absolutely hilarious text that was so epically funny that you had to screenshot it for future reference? Yeah, you have? Well this random compilation of text messages is pretty much a bunch of screenshotted conversations that were too funny to forget about. 

1. Poor cat probably $#^% itself.

2. A favor? Or nah? How about nah...

3. da man.

4. Surprise?

5. Apply ice to burn.

6. The WORST thing you could ever tell someone.

7. Cory, you're a monster!

8. Ron Burgundy strikes.

9. True love.

10. These two are obviously perfect for each other.

11. Maybe this scare will teach this guy to stop being a drunken mess.

12. Wrong number texts are the best...

13. LOL

14. Too good.

Photo Source:  imgur / JaromirAzarov


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