Monday, January 22, 2018

14 Photos That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Pictures don't always depict what we think we are seeing, especially when they are taken at the perfect moment. 

You may see one thing in a photo and somebody else will see another, but your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, if you spend a few minutes examining a picture a lot of new details may show up.Whether they were taken purposely or just coincidently happened, some of these photos are serious illusions! 

1. A dinner table or a face? 

2. Two islands, or a violin? (turn your head to the side) 

3. Strangers or a couple? 

4. Standing on hands...or ? 

5. A dust storm in Australia

6.  Floating

7. And another...for real are they floating? 

8. Eye color makes all the difference.

9. Look at this very closely...

10. Hiding in the clothes...or a t-shirt graphic? 

11. This hurts my eyes 

12. Too many stripes, too many zebra bodies 

13. Ohhhhh

14. A few too many legs 


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