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15 Celebs You Never Knew Went To Rehab


From the outside, it looks fun to be in actor in Hollywood!

You get paid a lot, people love you and you get to hang out with other famous people all the time. Isn't that the dream? But it's actually a lot tougher than it looks to survive in show business. So many actors end up abusing drugs and alcohol and have to go to rehab! It happens to a lot more celebs than you would think. Here are some celebs you might not remember went to rehab to save their life and their career!

1. Ben Affleck checked into rehab in 2001 after battling substance abuse and alcoholism for years. You know who booked him a room at the facility and drove him there? Charlie Sheen. 

Charlie Sheen? The irony is too much. 

2. Matthew McConaughey said "Alright, alright, alright" to rehab after the police came to his house and found drugs everywhere. Matthew was also caught playing bongos while naked. 

Somehow, that just seems like a very McConaughey thing to do. His agent told him to go to rehab or else he'd start losing movie roles!

3. Jon Hamm spent 30 days in rehab for alcohol addiction. Jon said that he was overwhelmed with the success of Mad Men and that's what led to the heavy drinking. 

But it looks like he's all happy and healthy now! 

4. Drew Barrymore went to rehab twice when she was a teen. The first time was when she was 13 and she went for substance abuse. Drew said it was too much to have fame at such a young age. 

Drew said she had her first drink at 9, began smoking marijuana at 10 and took up cocaine at 12. That's rough! But she pulled it together and has gone on to do so many amazing movies.

5. Matthew Perry went to rehab multiple times! He went to rehab in 1997 for a Vicodin addiction. He said there are three years of filming Friends that he doesn't remember at all.

He also went to rehab in 2001 for an addiction to opioids, amphetamines and alcohol. Whoa, no wonder he doesn't remember filming or anything going on in his life at the time!

6. Angelina Jolie was forced to go to rehab after she admitted to using cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and LSD. She decided to kick the habit and go to rehab in 1998.

 And now she's Saint Angelina with a beautiful family!

7. Daniel Radcliffe is the Boy Who Drank. Daniel admitted to being wasted when filming the later Harry Potter movies. He said he drank to cope with fame and the pressure of being Harry Potter.

Daniel said filming drunk made his eyes go dead in scenes. Do you think you can point out the scenes? I think there are a couple in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows!

8. Mary-Kate Olsen was the twin that decided to check into rehab to treat an eating disorder. She developed the disorder after she panicked about her career and realized she didn't want to act.

And look at her now! She graduated from NYU and runs a successful fashion line with Ashley!

9. Demi Moore's been to rehab twice! She first went in the '80s for two weeks to treat a cocaine addiction. And then she went in 2011 because of stress and exhaustion. 

Demi never confirmed anything but her second rehab stint happened right after her breakup with Ashton Kutcher. It must have been rough for her! 

10. Everyone thought Kirsten Dunst checked into rehab because she was partying too hard. She later told a magazine that she really needed help for her depression.

I'm glad she's okay! Now it's time to rewatch Season 2 of Fargo because Kirsten is flawless in that.

11. Gerard Butler got seriously injured during a surfing accident and was abusing his pain meds. He was so nervous about overdosing that he took action and checked himself into rehab!

And then he quickly recovered and became the action movie star that we all love.

12. Before she became the luckiest woman alive for being with Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes checked into a rehab facility in 2008 for substance abuse. 

She never denied or confirmed the rumors about her addiction but the records don't lie! She definitely went to rehab... we'll just never know for what!

13. Shia LaBeouf was kicked off the Transformers franchise because he was in rehab for substance abuse and to address his anger issues. 

Rehab worked for him and maybe that's where he got the idea for his "Just Do It" video! Honestly, that video is so inspiring. That video is the greatest legacy for Shia to leave behind. 

14. Even McSteamy needed help! Eric Dane checked into a rehab center to treat his addiction to painkillers. Apparently, he developed the addiction when he was healing from a back injury!

And now I'm thinking about how much I miss Eric on Grey's Anatomy. RIP McSteamy.

15. Aaron Carter said his brother Nick saved his life by taking him to rehab for his alcohol addiction. He said he ruined his career and regrets letting the addiction get that bad. 

Aw! Famous brothers helping each other out. Now is Aaron going to release new music? Let's get his comeback going!

Good on these celebs for seeking help! COMMENT and tell us why you think so many celebs end up in rehab!


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