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16 Facts About The Kardashian Family

The letter "k" has a new meaning since the Kardashians became the biggest family in the entire world. This family has successfully taken over Hollywood with their insane social media presence, their beauty and fashion "kollections" and of course, their crazy but very entertaining TV show. They are glamorous and by far the coolest family that you desperately want to be a part of. Think you know everything there is to know about the Kardashian klan? Here are some facts that you might not know about the hardest working family in Hollywood.

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1. Kim played Pete Wentz's love interest in Fall Out Boy's "Thanks fr th Mmrs" music video.

She was a star even back then!

2. Have you ever thought that the Kardashian family would make good material for a play or a musical? There's actually a play about Khloe! It's called Khloe Kardashian Meets The Easter Bunny: An American Play

If this ever goes to the stage, I will definitely go see it. Khloe AND the Easter Bunny? That's comedy gold right there!

3. Kourtney used to be classmates with Nicole Richie at the University of Arizona.

They're still good friends to this day. Once you go through college together, that bonds you for life!

4. Kris refuses to be called "Grandma." So all her grandchildren call her "Lovey" instead.

Let's be real, that sounds much nicer than Grandma!

5. Kris gave Kendall "Nicole" as her middle name to honor Nicole Brown Simpson who was very good friends with Kris before she was murdered.

6. When Kim was 14, her dad sent her to beauty school to learn how to do her makeup. 

And it was clearly worth it because she looks amazing all the damn time! Those cheekbones from contouring could cut someone.

7. It was a lot harder to keep up with all of them in the beginning. After Kris and Robert divorced, Rob Jr. and Kourtney decided to live with their dad. 

8. Kim used to be a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy!

And now Kim's the queen of the red carpet! Literally everyone in the world wants her style.

9. One time, Kourtney didn't go into her bathroom for two months because she saw a spider in there.

Honestly, same. Those spiders can go make a home for themselves in there if they want!

10. Speaking of bathrooms, Kris only has black toilet paper in hers. 

I don't know the reasoning behind it but that seems classy AF and I'm all about it. 

11. Kim always blow dries all her jewelry before putting it on. She said she just can't stand putting on cold jewelry. 

I would totally do the same, except I'm pretty sure I would just burn myself in the end. But it's totally glamorous when she does it!

12. Khloe is known as "the voice of reason" among her sisters. She's also known for her sarcastic remarks. 

Khloe is bae. And will always be bae.

13. Kendall loves to tell stories. In the third grade, she told an epic lie that her house was filled with jewels and lions. 

OMG should Kendall audition to be on Pretty Little Liars?!

14. Kim says that she feels "genuinely blessed" because she loves having her hair and makeup done every day.

I'm pretty sure we all wish we could get our hair and makeup done every day. Especially by Kim's amazing beauty team! Can you imagine?!

15. Kylie set up an eBay account and she regularly holds auctions for her old clothes to raise money for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Awww. Kylie's the best!

16. Kris pitched the idea for a reality show that followed her family after tons of her friends told her that they were "crazy" and "entertaining."

THANK GOODNESS SHE PITCHED IT. Keepping Up With the Kardashians is a staple of reality TV!

And now you know more about the krazy Kardashian family! 


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