Sunday, January 7, 2018

16 Funny Photos That Take Forever To Figure Out

As much as the internet loves pictures where something is subtly hates them too. 

And while it's very likely you'll want to rage quit by picture 10 — like I almost did before I realized that this is my job and I need it to put Froot Loops on the table — you know you'll keep scrolling until you earn the mild satisfaction of having found the hidden thing in all 16 pictures. We're an odd species, humans. 

So, umm, have fun. If that's at all possible. Remember to breathe. And don't cheat, you sinners. Keep the sanctity of this article pure. The way baby Jesus would have wanted it. 

1. Oh look, four baby bobcats. Surely the mama bobcat is nowhereclose by!

2. Did anyone else imagine this when they first heard the term "man bun?"

3. Krispy Kreme's marketing department is making some bold claims.

4. scanning...scanning...scanning...oh. Yup. There it is.

5. What a smart-ass.

6. Old Sparky was overly excited for his masters' engagement.

7. Okay, that took longer than I care to admit. But now that I see it, I have to ask: WHY?!

8. Subtly photobombing pictures since 2010.

9. D-do we stop this or let it play out organically?

10. "Baby, make me look tough in my bathroom that's decorated like an old British lady's living room."

11. Ball on balls action. His face says it all.

12. This one made my brain hurt.

13. Parents, if you ever had any doubt about what your daughters were doing in college...doubt no more. 

14. DAMMIT! Gets me every time.

15. As a man planning a wedding, this seems like the only reason to do cliched wedding party photos. 

16. Witches! Burn them!

Main image via reddit / ChadHimslef

Collage images via Facebook / Distractify


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