Friday, January 12, 2018

16 Holiday Makeup Photos To Put You In The Spirit

When I think of the holiday season, sugar cookies, twinkling lights, and being perpetually frozen are the first things that come to mind. Although I love the holidays, I definitely don't love the cold that comes hand in hand with winter. So if anyone needs to get in the holiday spirit right now, it's probably my currently grinchy self. Thankfully for me, there are some seriously talented makeup artists out there who excel at creating festive beauty masterpieces. From snowflakes to reindeer to Christmas trees, this list is full of fabulously festive designs. Ready to get holly and jolly? Keep reading for 16 holiday makeup photos that will help you get in the spirit!

1. This Christmas-inspired eye makeup look is seriously festive! I love the tiny red and green rhinestones. 

2. How cute is this string of colorful Christmas lights? Her white eye makeup totally completes this wintery look. 

3. This blue, gold, and white makeup look is so whimsical! If winter was this glam in real life, maybe I'd actually enjoy the season. 

4. Rudolph! Is that you?! If this reindeer-inspired makeup look doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will.

5. This glittery Santa hat design is pretty darn impressive. She must have verysteady hands to draw black lines that precise! 

6. Here's another magical, wintry scene that I just love. I cannot get over that sparkly silver cut crease.

7. This candy cane eyeliner look is sweet as can be! The silver sparkles and white lower liner were the perfect complements to the striped liner. 

8. This eye makeup look deserves to be displayed in a museum. Look at that tiny reindeer and present under the Christmas tree! 

9. This is one snowflake design that doesn't involve a blue and silver color palette. The gold glitter liner and rhinestone accents are so dazzling. 

10. And on that note, back to a more traditional snow-inspired makeup look! That cut crease, though.

11. Between this glittering gold eyeshadow and glossy red lip, I'd say this is a perfect holiday makeup look.

12. That vibrant green eye makeup is insane. I'm totally loving the matte red lip and dramatic lashes. 

13. More Christmas lights! I think it's so funny that this version comes complete with its own electrical plug.

14. I don't think there's anything more fun than freckles that take the shape of sparkly stars. I love her subtly shimmering eye makeup. 

15. Again with the crazy cut crease! This Christmas-inspired makeup look is seriously sultry. 

16. This winter wonderland makeup look is so with the season. I love how her lashes and brows were painted white to resemble frost! 


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