Saturday, January 6, 2018

16 Kids Who Have All The Right Answers

Kids get bored easily, and there's nothing more boring than tests in school. Maybe that's why they give weird answers. Sometimes they're doing it to make trouble, sometimes they're totally profound, but they're usually pretty funny. Here are 16 of the best.

1. "Space" wasn't depicted, so the kid filled it in

2. Uhhhh....

3. *Rimshot*

4. "Hary" is my favorite quadrilateral

5. This student clearly doesn't even care

6. +1 indeed

7. Worth the risk

8. It only works in theory

9. He'll always be married... but what kind of truck will his wife look like?

10. If it ain't red, white and blue, it ain't patriotic

11. All outta care

12. Morbid, but realistic

13. Everyone's entitled to their opinion

14. He's not wrong

15. Kid just blew my mind

16. If your teacher gives you a winky face, you're golden


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