Saturday, January 6, 2018

16 Pieces Of Life Advice That'll Help Make Sure Your Dreams Come True

Whether or not we're always willing to admit it, we all have dreams.

We all have fantasies of a future that differs from our present circumstance, no matter how good we may or may not have it right now.

That's how humans are: we reach, we strive, we inquire our ways into new chapters in our book of life. 

We imagine what could be possible if only...

Well, this article is going to help you get to your "if only..." no matter where that is.

These are the life lessons that can help you make your own dreams come true.

They start off with the smaller things that make a major difference and then progress from there. 

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1. Eat breakfast

It really is the most important meal of the day. Look at it like this: your body needs fuel before it can help you achieve all those goals.

2. Drink water

Water is essential to healthy living, and living a healthy lifestyle makes goal-crushing that much easier. When your body and your mind are working together in a healthy harmony, anything is possible. 

3. Get adequate sleep

When you have big dreams, it can be hard to sleep. The minute you get tucked in is always the exact time the creativity comes. However, sleep is so important to making sure your dreams come true. Being well-rested means being your best-self. This is how you start becoming unstoppable. 

4. Read books 

There are two major ways reading can help you achieve your dreams: it can educate you on the topic of your dream, and much more generally, reading regularly helps to establish focus.

5. Join a club, committee, organization, or non-profit 

Joining in creates endless opportunities for new experiences and new networking opportunities. These are the building blocks of achieving your dreams. For example, if your dream is to help animals, volunteering at a shelter is a great chance to get started. If you're more into shaping healthy communities, you can help out at the Food Bank or Smart Start programs. This is how you meet other people with similar dreams and open doors to do more good.

6. Ask questions

We all know knowledge is power: asking questions helps you learn. It expands your awareness about the world around you, thus making navigating toward your dream that much less difficult. 

7. Study 

Again, the more you know, the more you can grow. The more you do this, the easier doing other things will be. Plus, studying teaches commitment and dedication, which are two things we need when dream-chasing. 

8. Be dependable 

If people can't count on you, they can't reasonably be expected to help you achieve your dreams. And let's face it: we all need a little help from time to time. 

9. Show up

The saying really is true: half the battle is simply showing up. You need to be present in your own life for your dreams to be able to find you. 

10. Set a solid routine for yourself 

You'd be surprised how much time a solid routine saves. Instead of wondering what's coming next, you just breeze on by. Plus, putting something on paper ups the chances of you actually completely the activity or task. 

11. Write down, re-assess, and update your goals

When you put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, you commit in a different way than simply saying it in your head. It's easier to check back in and see progress this way as well. 

12. Exercise 

Exercising releases endorphins and relieves stress. It's part of staying healthy so you can give your life your all. 

13. Meditate 

Slowing and focusing your mind is a major way to help you zone in on your priorities and make your goals a reality. Plus, it also contributes to other life lessons like patience is a virtue and proper posture will help you prosper (okay, I made that last one up, but it's true anyway). 

14. Challenge yourself

You need to leave your comfort zone to chase those dreams. Plain and simple.

15. Speak your mind

You've done your research, you've focused your mind, you're ready to share your thoughts with the world, so do it. Don't hold back. Engaging in intellectual conversations helps open your mind even further. This enables you to see multiple perspectives, meaning you can now come up with a multitude of ways to reach your goals... and your newfound routine, commitment and dedication will help you get there without any issue. 

16. Be nice 

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