Tuesday, January 30, 2018

16 Things That Prove Everything We Know Is A Lie

In this crazy, mixed-up world of ours, how do we know who/what we can trust? Sure, everyone can expect politicians to lie, pretty sure it's in their job descriptions, but when you look at the world around you and find pretty much everything is a lie, well, where do you go from there? Today, we're looking at mostly everyday objects, circumstances, and signs that clue us into this strange reality. Are we trapped in the matrix or something? Is it a lie to say references to The Matrix are still relevant? Yes. And that's where we begin!

So let's take a look at these things that seem to prove, once and for all, that everything we know is a lie...

1. These things have been lying to us for ages now!

2. And this is just a lot of lies...

3. The kids will be thrilled once they see all these neat cookie shapes from their favorite movies...

Just tell them that the "C" in C-3P0 stands for circle...and also everything else is a circle.

4. Aww, what a bunch of cute little... wait, oh no...

5. With Subway's new "footlong," less is more!

I've known some guys to lie about a few inches before, but this is ridiculous.

6. On the subject of less food than wanted...

I guess it would largely depend on who's filling up these bad boys, but if I order a large fry, you either fill that container to the brim or give me one actually humongous French fry!

7. And when it comes to dessert, never trust an elf...

8. But whatever you do, do not mess with my chocolate! 

I need the calcium so I can lie to myself and say it's healthy as I continuously douse my ice-cream in a non-stop barrage of chocolate syrup! 

9. This is just bed, bath and beyond anything I could imagine!

10. Sometimes it's good to test out a product before you get entangled in its lies...

11. This one really gets me derailed.

12. Here's one from way back in our childhood — are these still around today? 

I've almost broken countless fingers mashing away on that thing, trying to get my money back from a frustrating few rounds of Donkey Kong!

13. This is the one that really got me. All those sad, hungry college nights, and I had no idea what I was missing...

They tell me it's to fit hot water in there, but I donno. I can't trust anyone these days.

14. I'm no mathmagician, but this just doesn't add up quite right...

15. Any direction, you say? 

16. Those crafty, crafty Canadians have deceived us all, yet again...

17. Well, it ain't a window!

18. "The forks will be with you, always..."

19. Wow, perfect...for nothing. 

20. You gotta draw the line somewhere 

21. Well, I guess we're here all night then

22. I'd be pretty bitter

23. Math isn't really an "open to interpretation" kinda thing...

24. But wait, you don't think someone would ever lie on the internet, right? RIGHT?

You monsters!!!


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