Friday, January 19, 2018

16 Times People Definitely Should Have Kept Their Mouths Shut

We're all prone to a little foot-in-mouth disease once in a while...

Wait, is that right? Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that occasionally, when we open our mouths, some pretty dumb (and often regrettable) stuff comes out of them. That's exactly what happened to the next 17 people on social media. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't hit "delete" fast enough, but fortunately for us, it makes for some pretty funny entertainment!

1. WTF

2. Must have taken a while to figure that one out 

3. That's an interesting way of spelling it

4. Sounds like "drug class" was the only class he graduated

The next person better hope that no police officers saw his Facebook post

5. Maybe think twice before sharing...

6. Well, that's embarrassing 

7. Probably not the best time or place share that info...

I'm divided on the next one...does it deserve a facepalm or applause? You be the judge 

8. Keep on asking those important questions, Jaden

9. I know what you mean... I wish I didn't, but here we are 

10. Think before you type, Dad

Or at least put your glasses on

The next person doesn't seem to have such a great grasp on reality...

11. It's a piece of plastic...

12. Irony — it gets the best of us

13. Oh my god. Delete post! Deleted post! 

The next person decided to ask the internet some questions about their own anatomy 

14. Please don't 

15. Probably not the brightest idea

16. No need to tell us...


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