Thursday, January 11, 2018

16 Trolls To Make You LOL

Trolls — the internet is full of them. They're commonly regarded as the people who comment on things only to infuriate people online, but I think there's so much more potential that they could reach. Some people consider themselves trolls because they upset someone here and there online or whatever, but I say, step up your game! 

Trolling on the internet is great and all, but there is so much more you can do. These pro-trolls are putting themselves out there in the real world and not letting up for anything! This brings a certain spice to life that I think makes everything worthwhile. You'll notice that this list only contains one troll that actually uses the internet for his craft, and really, I only included him because he's the best there is at that game. Everyone else comes from all walks of life and I think deserve some kind of award. 

There are even a few simple suggestions of ones you could pull off yourself, though be warned, I don't take any responsibility for what happens afterwards. Point is, these trolls have already done the dirty work, and we just get to sit back and enjoy the show. So, without any further ado, let's get to it!

1. This guy is known as "Ken M" and his comments on social media are the stuff of troll-legend!

2. Not sure of this guy's name, but I'd consider him pretty legendary as well...

3. But of course, you don't have to be well-known or even do something too huge to be a great troll

4. But if you can afford to do something big, why not go all the way?

5. This guy spent a day at the L.A. zoo posting signs like these all over!

6. And sometimes, it's the animals themselves acting like the trolls

7. Our same friend from the zoo also got into an electronics store one day...

8. Sometimes they can be so cruel... 

9. Trolls hide in every corner of the internet! Buyer beware...

10. Here's a simple way to troll any bookworm you know:

11. Sometimes, all it takes is a good printer and a good sense of creativity...

12. Don't have a printer? Just get yourself some red paint!

13. If at least one person isn't aggravated, you're doing it wrong!

14. This professor understands how to troll like a pro

15. Even some doctors are getting in on the action!

16. Yep, this thing goes all the way to the top...


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