Monday, January 8, 2018

19 Hilarious Notes From The Most Dissatisfied People

You're not getting what you want or, rather, someone is bothering you. Face-to-face confrontation isn't always the answer. Sometimes, just sometimes, a little note rife with sarcasm, wit, and/or anger is all you need. While these people duke it out via notes, we get to see the results and laugh. 

How to use patriotism to influence toiler paper refills
A gentle, polite reminder *wink wink*
So, you steal someone's salad dressing and they retaliate, so the obvious thing is to do it back. 
Words? Sometimes pictures are more powerful.
Politeness, passive-aggressiveness, AND guilt tripping? 
When all else fails...Jesus. 
Sarcasm followed by tuition raise? Ouch. 
If you're getting really mad, just lick EVERYTHING.
Extra witty is extra passive-aggressive.
There has to be something wrong with that chicken leg...
If you ask for no onions you'll always get onions anyways. How to fight back!
No service? Time to right in condiments.
Collage Source: Rough Kut,  Jobs Papa, and Household Name

Everyone loves a good motivational poster



Oh, she noticed

Oh, she noticed

Sad toast has a message for you

Passive-aggressiveness meets more passive-aggressiveness


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