Monday, January 15, 2018

20 Pictures To Laugh About

When you're having a rough day, sometimes all it takes to turn it around is a good laugh at someone else's expense. Mean? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. 

Mixing a good laugh with the knowledge that you're at least doing better than these people is a proven method of boosting your mood. 

1. This guy who's using a selfie stick in the best way possible. 

2. This girl who can fit two corn dogs in her mouth at once. 

3. Ramsay, who says what we all wish we could. 

4. "Are you here to pick up the Mystery Machine?" "Don't be absurd, I drive the whale."

5. This lady trying to sell used lace underwear. Note that they can easily be fixed with 'duck tape'.

6. The Onion: the only reliable paper out there.

7. Carlos, who's a close second. 

8. This adorable pair who have each other's backs.

9. The person who wrote this deeply moving cookie message. 

10. Whoever designed this poorly placed fold. 

11. Anyone who's ever had a faceoff with a squirrel. 

12. The girl who is clearly on house arrest. 

13. This guy. 

14. Anyone who is too afraid to just post their goddamn selfie. 

15. Kit Harington, who can't go anywhere (and is a Leafs fan). 

16. This guy, who has his affairs in order. 

17. This kitty, who just wants to poop in peace. 

18. Anyone who tries to shop here. 

19. The guy in the back. 

20. And these two eagles, who look thoroughly unimpressed. 

Main image via reddit / SimpleSimulation

Collage image via reddit / iBleeedOrange


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