Saturday, January 13, 2018

20 Struggles All Freshly Hatched Adults Know Well

If you've already made the terrifying transition into adulthood, you know that it can be a pretty messy process. You're all of a sudden expected to pay your own bills, do your own laundry, and schedule your own doctor's appointments, even though nobody ever taught you how! Thankfully you're not alone, and these folks will prove that.

1. This is a perfect depiction of adulthood. It can be pretty RUFF sometimes. We still need to wear a leash, but we're suddenly expected to walk ourselves?! I'll go to the park, I guess..?

2. Remember when you got excited for adulthood and bought things that normal people own? Well the buzz wears off, and sometimes you end up sitting on a $300 box because you're too lazy to assemble it.

3. Just imagine the first time this person uses the iron or toaster! If you didn't grow up doing your own laundry, this can be one of the hardest transitions of adulthood. 

4. Sadly, in the real world, we no longer get spring, summer, or fall breaks. You know what we get instead? Work, work, and more work. I really miss being a kid sometimes.

5. When you're a little kid, you imagine that when you grow up, you'll have cake and ice cream for dinner every night. Well, when you finally eat an entire cake by yourself, you quickly learn why mom never let you.

6. This one really hit home with me. You mean I'm actually supposed to be proactive about my own well being? It's much easier to stay at home, keep up my current habits, and hope for the best.

7. When you're an adult, sometimes you have to look for the little victories in life. Laziness is probably the single biggest driving factor in innovation. I'm probably going to steal this idea to be honest.

8. I cringed at this post. Remember how much money $5,000 was as a kid? You thought that much money would buy a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, but instead you can barely buy a car to live in.

9. Holidays and birthdays get increasingly more disappointing as you grow up. The year that I received socks for Christmas and actually got excited about them is the moment I realized that I am no longer a child.

10. I think the basic requirement to be considered an adult is purchasing at least one vegetable every other week. You don't even need to consume it. You just need to own it.

11. Your college graduation is one of the most exciting days of your life, until reality hits and you realize that the college loan payments are going to start coming. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

12. This is exactly how it feels when you first enter the work force. You suddenly realize that you've forgotten every single thing you ever learned in your last four years at school.

13. This is what happens when you don't have enough work experience for a solid resume. Not only was I a child for several years, but I also have experience in being a teen. Still working on being an adult though.

14. I'm pretty embarrassed to admit that I've done this more than one time in my life. I hope that one day I make enough money to never have to do laundry again.

15. As an adult, if you don't take out the trash or do the dishes, no one will. It's sad knowing that Mom won't be there to handle your problems, so you just get really good at stacking garbage.

16. I've definitely done this many times. I can never remember to change the clothes over to the dryer in between my Netflix binge watching. Oh well, I'll just rewash them again tomorrow.

17. The good thing about struggling at adulthood is that you're not alone. Even if it seems like other people have their act together, they don't. Some people are just better at faking it than others.

18. What do they want from us?! You need to have your first entry level position at eight years old, get two promotions by twelve, and then reach upper management by seventeen.

19. I hang this exact same sign on my apartment door on the weekends. Please do not move me. I know I look like I'm lifeless, but I'm just trying to recover from a helluva week.

20. At the end of the day, we're all just trying to get through life and have a good time. Sometimes you should save money, other times you need to burn your dough like a wizard doing a science experiment.


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