Thursday, January 18, 2018

24 Hidden Adult Jokes in Shows You Watched as a Kid

If you thought your innocent days of cartoon watching were the best days of your life, you may be right, but you're wrong about one thing: the innocence. You'll be shockingly surprised to find out that the cartoons that mini you used to enjoy on a daily basis were just full of adult humor dirty enough for adults, but subtle enough to fly over your little head completely. Looking back now as an adult whose brain is permanently in the gutter, you'll snort out your morning coffee at some of the jokes they managed to sneak by you without you having any knowledge of their existence.

1. This is one of those jokes you feel really bad for laughing at.

2. Ed, Edd and Eddy shared a lot more than just their name. Ew.

3. And this naughty note on the wall in Ed, Edd and Eddy.

Yes, it says "Do not touch yourself."

4. Ughhh no, no don't finger prints.

5. Oh, she went there.

6. How did we miss this classic prison joke? 

7. Ohhhhh.


9. When Buzz saw Jessie...this happened.

10. That moment you realize Dexter was more pimp than you thought when he hired this new "assistant"...

11. And his mom was...

12. The bus driver in Hocus Pocus is as creepy as he is witty. 

13. SpongeBob watches underwater adult movies...good thing he can soak up his own mess.

14. Rocko's modern life was a lot more modern than we think in terms of sexual orientation! you go, Rocko.

15. Grandpa was a little hippie.

16. Just jack it all.

17. Lonely space vixens after dark, eh Gramps?

18. Cow and Chicken literally had “carpet munchers” in their house.

19. Note: her face is nowhere near his face. The Road to El Dorado is paved with bad decisions.

His bro be like:

20. Ren and Stimpy was known for being dirty...but this is just...I don't even know. The inner child in me feels so uncomfortable.

21. This scene in Space Jam: 

Doctor to Patrick Ewing: Are there any other areas aside from basketball that you find yourself unable to perform?"

Patrick: NO!!!!!

22. Hawk Girl just owns Flash in an instant. 

23. Genie: “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to shake until the honeymoon”

24. This letter from Olga to Arnold just gives me the creeps.

Collage Source: 1)  reddit /u/ ehudros 2) Rebloggy 3) Dexters Lab


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