Friday, January 5, 2018

7-Year-Old Collects 10K 'Kid-Food' Items For Local Food Bank In 14 Days

No child should go hungry, and from as early as four years old, Kaden Newton understood this. He and his family would often take trips to the local food bank, and he was inspired to keep donating food for those in need. He noticed one big problem with the pantry's offerings, though — there was almost no food he liked. 

Concerned at the lack of "kid-food" available, Kaden (now 7) has started his own non-profit called Mac & Cheese and Pancakes, with the goal to stock the pantry with foods that kids can enjoy.

After asking for help via social media, donations began pouring in. Boxes were full of things like snacks, juice, pasta, and of course, mac and cheese, and pancake mix.

His donations are going to the Helping Hands food pantry in Rockwall, Texas, where Kaden and his family live.

In the first 14 days, more than 10,000 items were donated, ensuring that his local food bank will remain amply stocked for needy families. 

Since his non-profit is based in his home, this means a lot of boxes to navigate around, especially after he created an Amazon Wishlist for easy donations online. 

Though Kaden hoped for more, his mom Diana Newton originally set a goal of 100 items to donate. They never thought they would smash through that goal by 9,900%! 

"We never expected to get this kind of response," Diana told ABC News. "To get this kind of response is absolutely amazing."

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