Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Floor Made Of 13,000 Pennies Is Proving People Can't Math

No matter how slick and clever we think we are, we're going to find ourselves saying some seriously dumb things at certain points in our lives. Sometimes we can blame someone else for feeding us the wrong information, but it's just as possible that our brains were on autopilot at the exact wrong moment.

Since we spend an average of nearly half of our day in this mode, our brains often manage to keep things together pretty well while we're drifting off. But sometimes our mental cruise control will end up hitting a bump in the road and we can find ourselves saying something we know isn't true.

If we're really unlucky, we'll find ourselves trying and failing to make sense on social media, and suddenly the whole world has a perfect view of us caught in a brain fart. As if a regular fart wasn't embarrassing enough when you have an audience.

Today, we're going to see how quickly and easily this can happen and how many people can get stuck in the same pitfall. Oddly enough, this all happened because of a floor made of pennies.

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Before we get to the "interesting" comments, let's see what they were commenting about.

Imgur user TonyaTooners was remodeling the house when they noticed their dormer window had a different floor than the rest of their bedroom. So they decided to decorate the entire area with pennies coated in epoxy.

They ran out of darker pennies part of the way through, so they had to dye a bunch of them with sulfur to complete the pattern.

As if that weren't enough trouble, the pennies all faced the same direction and alternated between heads and tails. I don't want to think about how long that must have taken.

As you can imagine, viewers were pretty impressed with the results.

Before long, TonyaTooners' work made the jump from Imgur to Twitter and trended due to the sheer scale of pennies involved. However, not everyone was so impressed.

One user offered his two cents about the waste of money but seemed to forget something really important.

Namely, that TonyaTooners decorated the floor with pennies, not dollars. 

As you might have guessed, the responses weren't exactly kind.

Soon enough, this guy's Twitter feed blew up as folks laughed at his mistake.

Normally, this wouldn't be such a weird thing. After all, we speak before we think and get teased for it all the time.

The strange thing was that this guy wasn't the only one to make this exact mistake.

Just when it looked like the matter was put to bed, another person would come out and say the penny floor cost $13,000.

From there, any mention of this story would turn into mass confusion with some users puzzling over how the floor didn't cost that much and others wondering how they could possibly think that a penny was equal to a dollar.

Oddly enough, this wasn't the only wrong answer that kept floating around.

Some people seemed to remember that pennies and dollars aren't worth the same but somehow convinced themselves that the floor cost $1,300. So now we've gone from thinking pennies are dollars to thinking they're dimes.

I guess we're making progress?

Finally, some kind soul would show up and set everybody straight.

Technically, the floor cost more than $130 because it needed about $175 worth of epoxy, but we took a long surprisingly long journey to remember how much a penny is worth.

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