Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Body Shape Can Determine Relationship Health

You know how every relationship you've ever been in has ended with you sitting on the couch crying and eating full tubs of Häagen-Dazs ice cream with your cat? What? Just me? Well, regardless, some people believe that your body shape has a lot to do with they way you act in a relationship. Sure, it may seem crazy, but before you make any assumptions, why not take a look? 

1. Rectangle Shape

You have an old-fashioned personality and it shows in your choice of partner. That's fine though — everybody loves the classics!

2. Oval Shape

You've worn the pants in every relationship you've been in and always will. Your partners may find this intimidating or incredibly sexy.

3. Triangle Shape

You may seem like the quiet conservative type, but in the end, your wild side always prevails. 

4. Spoon Shape

You've got curves in all the right places. You often come across as flirty, but that's just your fun-loving attitude shining through. 

5. Inverted Triangle Shape

You've always been able to attract attention with your body, but sometimes you shy away from showing the world the REAL you. 

6. Hourglass Shape

You're extremely confident and people love that about you. However, you tend to be picky when it comes to your love life.

7. Apple Shape

You give your all to your relationship and you expect your partner to do the same. When these expectations aren't met, you have a hard time controlling your emotions. 

8. Peanut Shape

You're flirty and fun and don't care what anybody thinks. You fully embrace your wild side, so your relationships often tend to be unconventional to say the least.

9. Curvy Shape

You tend to put your career before your relationships, but as soon as you begin to take your love life more seriously, you'll find love.

10. Stringbean Shape

Your sassy attitude drives your partners crazy (in a good way!), but sometimes you just need to let up in order to find true happiness. 

11. Thin Shape

Sometimes you allow your timid nature to prevent you from fully committing to something that makes you happy. Be more confident in yourself and reap the rewards! 

12. Pear Shape

You're always being complimented on your body, but what you'd really like is a partner who appreciates your mind.

13. Narrow Athletic Shape

You like a partner who isn't afraid to take charge of the relationship, but sometimes you need to speak up in order to be heard.

14. Narrow Pear Shape

Everybody is attracted to your cool laid back attitude. You don't let anything get you down — a quality that allows you to get the most out of your relationships.

15. Banana Shape

You're constantly settling when it comes to your relationship, when you should really deserve much, much more.

16. Narrow Hourglass Shape

You're quirky, cute and love being in love, but don't let that lead you into unrewarding relationships. 

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