Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Couple Turn Massive Tree Branch Into A Cat Tree

What do you do when you find an awesome branch in the park? You make something for your cat. That's exactly what reddit user kinace did.

This is the branch. Obviously Ramon, the cat, is already intrigued.

After figuring out what to do with it, they decided to debark the branch.

Then they sanded it down to get rid of the rough parts.

Once that was done, they found the perfect base.

They drilled a few holes into the plank and bolted the branch into it.

And, voila! You've got a cat tree branch.

They even created a little hammock for Ramon to sleep in.

They wrapped some rope around the branch to give Ramon traction to help him up the branch.

Cozy as can be!

Ramon eventually even got a friend to fill in that space in his hammock. Meet Henri:

Happy Henri is happy!

The fact that this takes very little time and barely any effort or cost, but it brings such joy to your pets should be the reason it's the number one craft on your to-do list this weekend!

Plus it gives a cool, rustic, raw, forest-y vibe to your home!


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