Sunday, January 21, 2018

People Are Struggling To Solve This Brick Wall Mystery

Day in and day out, there are new mysteries appearing across the internet. There are riddles that are hard to solve, pictures that contain a hidden object of some kind, or something simply telling you what the lines on your palm mean. Recently, there has been a picture circulating the internet that has people confused. Can you figure out what's going on with it?

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Can you see where the "object" is? Kind of looks like a normal brick wall, right?

There it is! But what is it?

Is it a snake? Unfortunately, no. But that was my first guess, too.

How about a rock? Again, another no.

It's a cigar, but where exactly is it?

Yeah, turns out it's a cigar... It pretty much took me forever to see it, so I'm not proud of myself.

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