Sunday, January 21, 2018

Same Old Poop, Different Day

People say adulthood opens you up to a whack of new problems you didn't have growing up. I say that's false. The problems we face when we get older are just the adult versions of the ones we had when we were young. They just feel bigger because we don't have our parents around to solve them for us. That's why growing up sucks. 

I would love being an adult so much more if my mother took care of all the hard and boring stuff so that I could do all the fun things. But then I wouldn't be much of an adult, would I? I'd be an overgrown manchild with a drinking problem. Dare to dream, I guess. 

1. Cooking

Instead of making a mess of yourself at the dinner table, you can eff up an entire kitchen. Yay!!

2. When you're a kid, you have no money

When you're an adult, you still have no money and no mother to give you any, either

3. Being a kid was lame, at times

But raising one is much, much worse

4. Kids know nothing

Adults still know nothing

5. When you were a kid, you couldn't wait to be old enough to eat anything you wanted

Now you're at home eating a plate of bacon knowing someone should stop you

6. I think this says it all


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