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This Guy Cheated On 'The Price Is Right' And Made Them Change Their Whole System

Who else has watched game shows and thought, "Yeah, I could do that" or "Yeah, I could definitely win it all"? I know I have. I mean, I could dominate the pop culture category on Jeopardy!, but that's about it. The people that go on game shows are 100% serious about it. These people spend hours and hours studying past episodes and soaking up all the information they can to dominate and win. Sometimes it pans out and sometimes it doesn't. It really worked for Terry Kniess who ended up winning on The Price Is Right. It scared the producers so much that they had to completely change their whole system! Find out exactly who Terry is and how he cheated the system! 

The Price Is Right is one of the longest running game shows! Did you know that it first aired in 1956?! 

Ok yeah... that is really old.

Even though Drew Carey does an amazing job, the show was really at its best with Bob Barker as the host! 

It seems like it's difficult to win on the show because contestants get to win cash and prizes only if they correctly guess the price of merchandise. 

It's impossible! How do people even get close to the numbers?!

But Terry Kniess managed to make it to make it to the last round and shocked everyone when he won! So how did he do it?! 

In 2010, Terry shocked the world when he perfectly guessed the price of a showcase.

Before the show, Terry worked as a weatherman and in casino surveillance. Because of his job, he became obsessed with finding patterns! It actually helped him out so he could easily predict weather changes and catch card counters! 

I just love this show so much! 

On the show, Terry managed to breeze through contestants row. He won a Big Green Egg smoker and grill! But he wasn't satisfied with just that...

He managed to make it past the big wheel and straight onto the Showcase Showdown! 

I always get so nervous during the Showcase Showdown segment!

He and his wife Linda, who loves math, actually watched and studied every single episode of The Price Is Rightfor FOUR months before Terry went on the show. FOUR! Four months! 

They noticed that after all these years, most of the prices remain the same because the show would use the same brand of items. It doesn't matter if it's gum or a car. So he and his wife memorized the prices! 

When Terry had to guess the price of his showcase, he chose $23,743. $20,000 is a common price for items and Terry used his wedding date (April 7) and his wife's birth month (March). He's the only person to guess the EXACT price!

Awwwww. That's actually really sweet of him! 

And it paid off! The producers and Drew checked Terry for any other signs of cheating like using a smartphone but they couldn't find anything. And he got to keep the money! 

The producers couldn't believe Terry had won fairly so they had to go and change the whole system. 

Retail prices are carefully monitored by producers. They HAVE to make sure that there's variety when it comes to pricing! They use different brands of soups, change the options on the cars (adding floor mats, taking away the stereo system) to mess with the contestants!

As for Terry? Terry and Linda had to sell the karaoke machine, the pool table and the camper. 

It helped them pay the taxes on their winnings. They also decided to stop watching the show because he said he didn't like the way they changed everything up! 

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