Thursday, January 11, 2018

This Makeup Artist Uses Her Face As A Canvas

I've seen some impressive makeup artists over the years. And I definitely just found one who's made it to the top of my list. Canadian-based makeup queen, Ali Nordahl (@cakefacedali), is only 17 years old and already slaying the makeup scene. Ali creates beautiful, unique, and intricate makeup looks that showcase her seriously impressive talent, and she's definitely making me feel like I have a thing or two to learn about eyeshadow and liquid liner. So if you're ready to see Ali's insane looks in action, keep reading for a list of 12 makeup looks that are serious works of art. 

1. This entire makeup look is absolutely insane. Ali said the inspiration behind this look was a mix between a sugar skull and a fish. 

2. This electric blue eye and lip makeup is super intense. I'm getting serious alien vibes from this entire look, would you agree?

3. This chandelier-inspired makeup look is completely blowing my mind. I can't imagine how long those detailed designs would've taken...

4. Ali put her own spin on The Weeknd's song, "Starboy," by making herself into Stargirl. Can you believe that her "lipstick" is actually color correcting concealer?

5. If this glittery Christmas scene doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will. This intricate design took Ali four hours. Now that's dedication.

6. Flower power! This entire eye look is so intricate, I don't know how she does it. 

7. The longer I look at this rainbow eye makeup, the more impressed I become. That color block eyeliner and the way she blends her eyeshadow just screams talent. 

8. In my humble opinion, it looks like this makeup look was equal parts inspired by a starry night, ice queen, and rain storm. Her metallic purple lip totally completes this look. 

9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm certain this makeup look was inspired by the Brazilian flag. I wonder how long it took her to complete that braided eyeliner...

10. I thought this makeup look was inspired by pop art at first, but turns out it was actually inspired by a little bird called the black-backed kingfisher. Who knew?!

11. This hippy-inspired eye look is absolutely beautiful! Look at those happy little flowers! 

12. This purple, pink, and gold eye look is absolutely mesmerizing. Her blending skills are leaving me totally speechless. 


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