Monday, February 26, 2018

12 Hacks For When That Winter Head Cold Hits

It is so muchworse to catch a cold as an adult. You get the same draining symptoms as a child does, but totally miss out on skipping school and getting taken care of — because we all know missing work isn't an option and you're the caretaker of the bunch. 

1. Invest in a Neti Pot.

You might have seen (and been scared off by) these online, and users promise it isn't as intimidating as it looks. Nasal irrigation flushes out mucus in your nose with a water and sterile solution mixture.

2. Make a few of these non-cook, peppermint throat drops.

Not only do these taste like candies, but the honey is a great soother for sore throat, while the peppermint oil helps to open sinuses. Plus, unlike other cough drops, you know exactlywhat are in these.

3. In fact, honey also makes for one hell of a cough syrup.

We hear to put honey and lemon in our tea when we're sick, and we should, but it can also be eaten alone by the spoonful to help suppress a bad cough.

4. Swap out the chicken soup for a hot, spicy dish.

Could be a soup, noodles, whatever, as long as it is hot. Chili peppers, wasabi, and spices all act as natural decongestants. Plus, most of them are delicious, so there's that.

5. Make dinosaur-shaped cough-soothing gummies.

Just looking at these helps in hard times! Ginger, lemon, and honey are a few ingredients that make these super effective and delicious.

6. Throw on a pair of warm, wool socks.

Not only is wool a great insulator, it dries quickly, has anti-bacterial properties and can absorb more moisture than cotton, so it's great for those cold, sweaty nights. 

7. Take a peppermint bath.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Pure Castile Soap has a ton of uses, including being used in a warm bath to clear sinuses and loosen mucus. Plus, it gives you an excuse to take a bath! 

8. Pour some shots!

Okay, not those kind of shots, some superhero, cold-combating shots of raw apple cider vinegar, garlic, ginger, and more that might not be tasty, but will help wipe out that cold.

9. Vicks can be used to help prevent coughing.

Maybe? Word is if you rub the magic stuff on your feet and wear socks, all coughing will stop. That is an experiment I'm more than willing to conduct during cold season! 

10. Speaking of Vicks, make a few VapoRub Shower Bombs.

Like bath bombs, but with soothing properties that'll help that cold end quicker. Ease those cold and flu symptoms and manage to make it cute!

11. Gargle with warm salt water.

You've heard this one before but avoided it because of how gross it sounded. But, turns out gargling sea salt with warm water is super effective in relieving sore throat pain, and therefore worth it.

12. Skip the wax and use a wax warmer with some vapor rub.

That relieving feeling when Vicks opens up those sinuses and makes yuor cold feed a thousand times better? Imagine that, but diffused all around your room. Bless up.

Which of these do you use?

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