Monday, February 5, 2018

14 Of The Stupidest Ways People Hurt Themselves

I'll be the first to admit I'm extremely accident prone. Being a gangly left-handed male, I've broken bones, have countless scars, and I've been to the hospital more times than I care to admit. The top of my list of injuries includes a scar on my thumb from hacking at an apple with a butter knife (age of injury not found / admitted) and taking off the tip of my finger while cutting carrots. Why do people still allow me to use knives, anyway?
So yeah, I'm kind of an expert at this whole getting injured thing. But these people put me to shame...if that's what I should be feeling right now.
I'd really hate to find out what some of our readers come up with. Please don't upstage me. 

1. "I knocked myself out trying to eat nachos" 

2. "I was laying on my bed very tiredly, dangling a book over my face. The book fell on my face. Stitches"

3. "A friend of mine tried to do the Dukes of Hazzard/Starsky and Hutch slide across the bonnet of a car and pierced his ass on a rusty window wiper."

4. "I stapled my thumb with an industrial stapler... Twice."

5. "I reached up to take a cigarette out of my mouth, hit it from underneath, flipped it, and somehow shoved the cigarette into my own eye."

6. "My 12-year-old nephew decided that hitting a spray paint can with a hammer was a good idea"

7. "I also exploded a spray paint can, but with a ax as a kid"

8. "Was 3, carried a large rock to the top of a slide. Threw said rock as high as possible and tried to beat it to the bottom. I won! Sadly the rock was a sore loser and I had to get stitches on my head."

9. "I broke my nose by running into a pole. A few weeks later it was finally healed up, I was so happy. Then I ran into the exact same pole the next week and broke my nose again."

10. "I once stepped on a hoe in my mom's garden to see if it really would swing up and hit me in the face. Guess what."

11. "When I was a kid I broke my toe while playing with a yo-yo."

12. "I once sprained my neck bending over to hug my dog"

13. "Customer came in to complain that the can of expanding foam we sold him never came with a delivery nozzle so, rather than returning the two miles down the road for one, he tried to pierce it with a hammer and nail." 

14. This "mystery woman who reportedly ended up in A&E after confusing her hair mousse with a can of expanding builder's foam"

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