Friday, February 9, 2018

15 Dumb Movie Ideas That Actually Were Made Into Movies


Waking up all groggy not remembering the night before is not one of the best times.

So it makes sense that some ideas sound WAYYYYY better the night before.

That must be what a lot of the makers of these movies were probably feeling, amirite? I mean, think about it.

Take Kazaam up there – it has a special place in my heart, following a genie who lives in a boombox. But it's not the worst one here...

1. A Snow White And The Huntsman sequel.

Without Snow White... Like why??

2. Jurassic World – which has EXACTLY the same premise as the original, Jurassic Park.

It's too much. 

3. Catwoman is considered one of the hardest superhero movies to get through – Halle Berry not only was told to overact but it had nothing to do with the DC universe.

4. Battlefield Earth follows the founder of Scientology's sci-fi novel which is set in the year 3000 after a master race lead by John Travolta enslaves Earth.

I mean, why...

5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – which is a carbon copy of the originals.

I mean it has a Death Star lookalike, an older mentor figure who dies and a main character from a desert planet finding out they're special and junk.

6. The Wicker Man  – which follows Nic Cage in a remake of a '70s thriller which follows a cop visiting an island of women in a cult.

He dresses up like a bear and punches a lady.

He screams from bees attacking him.

7. Sharknado follows a shark swarm combining with a force of nature.

Same ol' nonsense from Hollywood.

8. Troll 2follows a family who move into the town of Nilbog and find a tribe of little monsters in masks and who do the bidding of a vegetarian hag who liquefies her victims.

Man, why...

9. Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is based on the premise that two attractive looking dudes need help finding women to go a function with them.

At least make the dudes hideous.

10. Batman And Robin was universally seen as the camel that broke the Batman's back with its nipples on the suit and the over-the-top ness of the pre-Nolan movies would lead to the destruction of a classic character.

11. Manos: The Hands Of Fate follows a family who spend the night in a mystery house where a goat-legged creep lives with his master.

12. The Giant Spider Invasion's premise is pretty simple but horrifyingly bad...

Most of the victims are simple rednecks who don't deserve that ish. The hero of the movie is a group of people driving around in a Volkswagen beetle with fake spider legs waving. Seriously.

13. From Justin To Kelly which was whipped up when the frenzy of American Idol where everyone apparently wanted to see the winner of the singing contest and the runner-up in a musical.

Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini are kept from falling in love for a bunch of a convoluted reasons.

14. Howard The Duck who is flown away from Duckworld, lands in Cleveland, Ohio and has to fight the Dark Overload of the Universe who also lands on Earth.

I wonder when Marvel will be adding this to the new cinematic universe?

15. And then there's Showgirls, which involves a woman hitchhiking her way to Las Vegas and trying to become a premiere showgirl.

Saved by the Bell's sweetheart Elizabeth Berkley finds herself in a bizarre set of scenes which take themselves way too seriously.


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