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15 Little-Known Things About Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is a man who's just about been in everything! He was a famous child actor starring in '80s sitcoms, he played the main character in Arrested Development and has continued showing off his comedic talents in popular movies. But just because you recognize his name and all the projects he's been in doesn't mean you know who he is! You might be surprised to learn about his famous in-laws, his early life as a child actor and who his favorite co-star is. Keep reading to learn all about Jason Bateman!

1. Jason's not the only talented and famous one in the family. His older sister, Justine, is an actress too! You might recognize her from Family Ties and Desperate Housewives

2. Jason was inspired by his older sister to start acting. He made his acting debut when he was 12 years old on the popular drama Little House on the Prairie


3. Jason has a famous sister... and a famous father-in-law! Jason's wife is Amanda Anka, whose dad is Paul Anka!

Yes, THAT Paul Anka – the legendary singer and songwriter.

4. Jason and Justine have worked together on Arrested Development. Originally, Jason wanted Justine to come in and play his character's love interest! That idea was shot down by a producer but she did appear on the show as Nellie!

The episode is called "Family Ties," which is a reference to the show that Justine used to be on!

5. Jason's favorite co-star is Jennifer Aniston. Good thing he likes her because they've worked together on five movies! 

They've been in: The Break-Up, The Switch, Horrible Bosses, Horrible Bosses 2, Office Christmas Party.

6. The two of them became best pals when they met during a ski trip in their early twenties. Jason joked to The Guardian that there's a specific reason why they work together all the time! "Well, I've got a great deal of dirt on Ms. Aniston, and as long as she continues to hire me for her projects I will not show the pictures."

Aww. I love their friendship!

7. Even though he's a successful actor, Jason has mentioned that he doesn't want his daughters anywhere near show business. 

8. Jason has admitted that he has a tendency to read everything about him online. 

Well, I read everything about him online too. We're basically the same!

9. Jason started a production company with Will Arnett called DumbDumb Productions. The company focuses on digital content and they've put out several digital shorts online!

I love those two together! Remember when they spotted the paparazzi and trolled them by holding hands? 

10. So where does Jason get inspiration for being so funny all the time? He said he admires comedians like Judd Apatow, Sacha Baron Cohen and Christopher Guest. But the one person who inspires him the most? It's his mom! 

11. Did you know that Jason was the one who voiced Nick in Zootopia? He said he had a personal reason for starring in the movie and it came down to his kids! "I see mostly these kinds of movies because I have two little girls... so I wanted to work in one."

12. After he saw Melissa McCarthy's performance in Bridesmaids, he wanted to work with her. He managed to convince the screenwriters that the part in Identity Thief be written for a woman so Melissa could be cast in it!

He's only human like the rest of us! Of course he fell in love with Melissa after seeing her in Bridesmaids!

13. Jason's such a huge fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers that he even managed to wear Dodgers merch when he starred in Hancock!

14. Jason's no slouch when it comes to exercise. He runs every day for five miles. 

Five miles?! I get tired just thinking about doing that!

15. He's been such a huge fan of Saturday Night Live for years that when he got to host in 2005, he said it was one of the best weeks of his life. 

He did a great job as the host!

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