Sunday, February 4, 2018

15 Roommates Being The Worst People On The Face Of The Planet

Everyone knows that there's no such thing as a perfect roommate, because when you live with someone 24/7, there's no way to avoid pissing each other off once in a while. Whether it's eating your food, leaving their dishes to stagnate in the sink, peeing in water glasses (I'll admit to that one), or clogging the shower drain when they finally decide to shave their pubes, we've all endured at least one mildly infuriating roommate experience. But the next 15 roommates are a different kind of breed. These are the type of people who will not only give you trust issues but probably also the desire to live alone for the rest of your life!

1. Sometimes they get drunk... and almost kill you

Other times, they take pictures of you while you're sleeping with burnt pizza and post them on the internet

2. They do atrocious things to perfectly good food

All I can say is I hope that pie was eaten and not used for anything else


3. They use your stuff without asking 

Do you know what the number one cause of fights between roommates is? I'll give you a hint: you wipe your butt with it...

4. They always skimp when it's their turn to buy toilet paper

5. They never replace the toilet paper roll, and in the rare times they do, it's still done wrong!

6. And other times, they're just plain sadistic 

Of course, the kitchen can cause just as much conflict as the bathroom...

7. Ever heard of reusing your glass? Well, some people haven't 

But let's focus on what really matters here: does this passive aggressive roommate own a pack of "Really" sticky notes for situations just like this, or do they have a stamp? Because there's no way that's handwriting...

8. All I can say is get yourself a new roommate

There is no excuse for this — not even being blackout drunk. 

9. When it comes to passive-aggressive notes... well, usually they're just plain aggressive 

What was this person doing? Violently mashing their hands in the sink basin?

Leaving glass in the sink is pretty bad roommate move, but it's nowhere near as bad as leaving the sink on...

10. "I made you something! It's a stream... in your room... it's supposed to be really good feng shui"

11. If you're lucky, they keep their messes in their own room, but some things still escape... like smells

All this time you thought they had bad B.O., they really just had a heaping trash pile of rancid Big Mac wrappers...

12. It's always nice when they save you their leftovers

A roommate with a sense of humor is one thing, but a roommate with a love of pranks is another...

13. You might not have a roommate after pulling this one

You know, on account of them dying from a heart attack

14. Some pranks will definitely piss you off

Urine luck you caught that one before it actually happened...

15. After everything you've seen, are you really that surprised?


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