Sunday, February 25, 2018

16 Moms Who Love (To Troll) Their Kids

The best trolls come from the least likely sources — and is there any less likely source than your mom? She's the one who's always kind and kissing boo-boos, making birthday cakes, giving rides, doing mountains of laundry — basically every nice thing that's ever happened to you. And moms try to set good examples, so they seem innocent. But moms know things about things. They know what's what. They really don't get the credit they deserve for their creativity and cagey-ness sometimes. But you can trust that if you don't respect your mom, she'll find a way to remind you. 

1. "Why do these cupcakes taste like meatloaf?"

2. Moms know that when the glass is clean, you have to use it to your advantage.

3. What happens when Mom learns how to use Photoshop.

4. No chocolate, only half-joking passive-aggressive notes. 

5. As if she didn't cry at Steel Magnolias.

6. She's happy you got a job and all, but come on.

7. When she needs to make a statement, she says it with cake.

8. Or, for messages that bear repeating, with embroidery.

9. You think Mom doesn't know, but oh yes, she knows.

10. Well played, Mom, well played.

11. Breaking a knife in the kitchen is a great opportunity!

12. Yep, she would have trolled me too.

13. This is why you don't complain about wax on your birthday cake.

14. Practicality might rule the day... 

15. But she has to have her fun, too.

16. And you should know that when she trolls, she always trolls with love. 

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