Monday, February 26, 2018

16 People Who Made Stupid Mistakes

As I'm sure you're all aware, the world is packed to the brim with raging morons and funny little idiots. But look, I'm not here to go on a tirade about how stupid people are ruining everything, far from it. I'm here today to thank every dumb person on earth, especially those that have posted their version of brilliance on the internet! Without them, this article, and half of my job, wouldn't even exist! From the dumbest of the dumbos to the densest of the dinguses, we've compiled a list of pure idiotic beauty. And seriously, if you find any of these reasonable, you may not be the sharpest bone in the KFC bucket, if you know what I mean...which you probably don't. 

1. Technology entirely escapes you...

2. Expecting a text on a rotary phone?

Yeah, I assume there are all sortsof reasons he's not texting you.

3. This guy feels bad for his liver, I feel bad for his brain.

4. I don't mean this harshly, but if you're thisoblivious to your surroundings, you really need to open your eyes...

5. The dumbness is strong in this one. Try not to hurt your forehead from facepalming over and over.

6. If you're going to be that guy, you better be absolutely certain you'reright!

7. If you either wrote this closed caption or think it's necessary, you might wanna get out more...

8. But if you've written this sign, there may no longer be any hope left for you 

9. When you have two solutions to your problem that are literally attached to your head!

10. His question is beyond stupid, but at least he used the right version of "their"

That being said, he does use the phrase, "why do the womennever..." like he's a friggin' Ferengi or something. 

11. Again, there is a very simple solution to your problem here, fellas.

12. Sometimes even simple technology advances! Just try to keep up with the times, alright? 

13. If you need a sign like this, not only are you dumb, you're a dick

14. Feeling a little trapped, are we?

15. Selfie sticks can sometimes highlight a dummy, but using one like thisputs you in a spotlight of stupidity!

16. And to come full circle at the end here, technology stillescapes you...


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