Monday, February 26, 2018

16 People Whose Embarrassment Will Last A Lifetime

We all have some embarrassing moments that still make us blush to think about, but we all hope that one day, they'll fade from our memory and we can move on. The next 16 people were not so lucky because they made the mistake of mortifying themselves in front of the camera. Trust me, the results were so funny, they're definitely not going away any time soon!

1. That face tho...

2. "Ugh, this line is barely moving!"

3. I guess the tan wasn't real 

4. Awkweeeeerrrd. But mostly just embarrassing 

Has someone's hotness ever caused you to act a little self conscious?

5. Because one awkward hand hover isn't awkward enough!

6. Oops... he's the new guy 

7. I think you're doing it wrong 

Be careful what you post on Twitter... this next one makes me cringe right to my toes

8. Stalker much?

9. Looks like he found ya

10. Beardify, huh? 

The worst thing about siblings is that they always have the most embarrassing dirt on you...

11. "Remember that time you found Mom's lingerie drawer?"

You can bet they'll show that at your wedding

12. I wonder how long it took before she realized...

13. Well, that was a mortifying trip to the doctor's 

If you thought the first childhood photo was bad, just wait...

14. It sucks being the younger sibling who doesn't get the jokes

15. You... you got a little something there

16. "If You Founded America, What Would You Have Done Differently?"

A response this great deserves to be immortalized in the school yearbook 


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