Tuesday, February 20, 2018

16 Random Slices Of The Internet Cut Off Just For You

The internet is a lot like having a dog — its behavior is both good and bad, it'll keep begging/notifying you for attention, and you're gonna want to spend more time with it than actual people. Other than that, it's not actually like a dog at all. I've heard the internet is simply a series of tubes that emanates memes and allow people to complain about everything under the sun. Well, while my knowledge of technology might not be the most informed, I do know some funny junk when I see it. So, don't think about how it's done, just sit back, scroll through, and enjoy these random bits of funnyness I've assembled from the far reaches of the weird wide web...

1. There's a lothappening here...

2. Just a brief lesson in ancient history:

3. Also, never forget that this happened:

4. Always good to add a bit of intrigue to those boring moments in life...

5. Ever wonder how a smoke alarm works? Just take a look inside!

9. Mmm! Looks delicious...

7. Oh yeah? Explain this!

8. This is not what the kids mean when they say they wanna "smash"

9. Pretty much as close to "me IRL" as I'll get in this pic dump:

10. Apple's design screwing us over yet again

11. Whoever did this is my new hero

12. Part of this complete breakfast

13. If you can't be honest, at least be clever

14. There are correct answers and then there are the bestanswers:

15. The future is looking bleak 

16. I'm embarrassed to admit how often this happens to me...

...let's just say, enough. It's happened enough times.


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