Wednesday, February 28, 2018

16 Things That Will Confuse Your Brain

Are you easily confused? Do you panic when you have to figure out how much change you're owed? Does it take you until the last letter to guess the words on Wheel of Fortune? Are you always the last one to get jokes? Well, this article probably isn't for you, then.

This is just a big fun dump of confusing, WTF, and "I never thought of it that way" pictures not designed for the easily confused. Feast and enjoy!

1. You gotta be more specific than that, Claire.

2. "Because...well...damn, yeah, you have a point I guess." –Dad

3. The dog looks like it's reading the sign, trying to make sense of it all.

4. Way to ruin the coolness of those buttons.

5. This restaurant in Korea is trying to tell us something...but we have no idea what.

6. Mmmm, cigarette-flavored chicken soup.

7. This may seem confusing, but come about 25, it becomes crystal clear

8. Aaaand you're on a government watch list!

9. As a Canadian myself...IT DOESN'T MEAN BRITISH COLUMBIA?!

10. Bruuuhhhhhhh...

11. I had never considered this. I'd hate to learn our language

12. More "WTF" from the English language

13. Harry couldn't handle Steve's bachelor weekend in vegas.

14. I'm glad we're talking about the real issues. 

15. Why am I just finding out about this now?

16. For a second, I was wildly attracted to Liev Schreiber's butt.


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