Thursday, February 15, 2018

16 Truths About Construction That Will Leave You Saying Nope

After searching the internet for far too long looking for construction fails, I am convinced more than ever that the universe is conspiring to kill me. And you. And all of us. Moreover, I'm fairly certain construction mishaps are the main reason that men die earlier than women. Some of these are...are...flabbergasting. That's a good word for it. 

Moving on, now.

A couple elementary rules for any construction project that you may want to take into consideration going forward.

1. Measure twice, cut once.
2. A 2x4 is not an adequate support to hold any amount of weight.
3. I know it's 2016, but water and electricity still don't mix well.

Thank me later.

1. Still preferable to doing dishes.

2. I've played enough video games. I'm prepared for this jump.

3. You shouldn't have to guess when crossing an intersection. Then again, is a day really a day if you don't have a very real confrontation with death at least once?

4. If this was my job, I'd kill every bird that pooped on any window.

5. "...just drive your Cavalier onto my twig bridge and I'll have a look at it."

6. His car kept getting stolen, so he built a drawbridge.

7. This is an odd-looking colonoscopy.

8. "Are you sure you've got me?" "Good. Now lower me out this window."

9. I wonder if he gave it the old two shake test to make sure it was sturdy.

10. Really taking a gamble that it doesn't rain.

11. It's everything you loved about spinning park rides, but now with decapitation.

12. "You built a series of floats so that we can get electricity into our kiddie pool?" "...Yeah." "GENIUS!"

13. Frank didn't get to even say goodbye to his family before he left for work that morning.

14. This looks like my designs on Roller Coaster Tycoon that were made to kill my guests.

15. He seems well-balanced. Mentally unstable. But well-balanced.

16. Those health and safety courses can't teach common sense. 

Main image via Radass

Collage image via komediowo


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